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AK is manufacturing the high-purity aluminum billet and slab based on the cutting-edge facilities and technical skills and realizes the enhancement of customer value. We will innovate R&D to provide the world best premium products and services and lead the development of differentiated solutions.

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Material Alloy Characteristics Representative Use
Have low strength but have high heat, electric conduction
Have fair plasticity, weldability and corrosion resistance
Reflector, lighting fixture, decoration, electric conductor for chemical industry tank and wire, etc.
2014 Have low corrosion resistance but have very high strength and hot processability Material for aircraft, transport equipment, various structural materials, etc.
2024 Have strength higher than 2017 and has good machinability.
Have great artificial age-hardening after work hardening. Have good stress corrosion resistance
Outside plate for aircraft, parts for structural material, forged material, etc.
5052 Have corrosion resistance particularly seawater resistance and good plasticity and weldability Structural component material for ship, fuel tank, home appliance, etc.
5083 Have best strength out of the non-heat treatment alloy but have slightly low plasticity.
Have fair corrosion resistance and weldability
Material for ship, automobile, pressure vessel, material for welding structure, etc.
6061 Have a good corrosion resistance and weldability and have a medium strength and have a fair cooling processability as a heat treated alloy Transport structural material such as automobile, ship, etc. and optical instrument, etc.
6063 Anodic oxidation membrane is significantly good and compressive processability is good Extrusion material sassy for construction, door or other interior and exterior material , etc.
6082 Corrosion resistance is excellent and other characteristics are fair Automotive parts, machine parts
7021 Weldability is excellent, corrosion resistance is fair Vehicle seat rail, Aerospace Cart, Mold material etc.
7075 Have very high strength than 2024 and currently maintain the best strength out of Al alloy Material for aircraft, sports equipment, etc.
Ingot Alloy DIMENSION(mm) WEIGHT(Ton) -Batch-
Billet 1XXX ~ 7XXX 127 X 6500 (5Inch) 13.48
152.4 X 6500 (6Inch) 18.12
177.8 X 6500 (7Inch) 15.85
203.2 X 6500 (8Inch) 18.37
254 X 6500 (10Inch) 26.96
330.2 X 6500 (13Inch) 22.75
381 X 6500 (15Inch) 16.18
660.4 X 6500(26Inch) 24.27
812.8 X 6500(32Inch) 18.41
1,060 X 6500(41.7Inch) 15.65
Slab 1XXX ~ 7XXX 520 X 1620 X 5600 111.40
700 X 2400 X 5000 25.68