Employment Information

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"We provide diverse welfare benefits and pursuit the flexible organizational culture so that the members can exert the creativity and the competence voluntarily"

사원 사원

Reward Program

  • ㆍPay performance-related pay and bonus (400%)
  • ㆍGrant the commendation and prize money for exemplary employee at the new year’s kickoff meeting
  • ㆍPay the prize money for the employee who suggests the idea to improve the working efficiency


  • ㆍNew-year’s kickoff meeting

Vacation System

  • ㆍPaid summer vacation
  • ㆍPay unused annual leave allowance
  • ㆍGrant the vacation for the family event and pay the congratulations and condolescences


  • ㆍOperate the dormitory
  • ㆍGrant the uniform
  • ㆍPay the position allowance and the allowance for the certificate of qualification
  • ㆍPay the fuel expenses for car pool employee
  • ㆍPay the tuition fee for children who enter the high school and college

Pursuit the happiness
for both enterprise
and employee