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Experimental Equipment

  • Optical Emission Spectrometer

    Optical Emission Spectrometer

  • Tension Tester

    Tension Tester

  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Equipment

    Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Equipment

  • Sampling apparatus for Inclusion analysis

    Sampling apparatus for Inclusion analysis

  • Hydrogen Analyzer

    Hydrogen Analyzer

  • Microvickers Hardness Tester

    Microvickers Hardness Tester

  • Optical Microscope

    Optical Microscope

  • Mounting Press

    Mounting Press

  • Brinell Hardness Tester

    Brinell Hardness Tester

  • Mini-SEM


  • Precision Polisher

    Precision Polisher

  • Precision Sectioning Machine

    Precision Sectioning Machine


Mini SEM Max. X30,000 1EA SEC
Optical Microscope Max. X1,000 1EA Leica
Stereo Optical Microscope Max. X100 1EA Leica
Mounting Press 30mm Mold 1EA ALLIED
Precision Polisher Automatic supply of Abrasive Liquid 1EA ALLIED
Precision Sectioning Machine Max. 5,000 RPM 1EA ALLIED
Precision Sectioning Machine Gold Sputtering 1EA SEC
Optical Emission Spectrometer 36-channel 1EA Thermo Fisher
Portable Emission Spectrometer Al Base 1EA HITACHI
Hydrogen Analyzer (ALSCAN TM) ml/100g 1EA Pyrotek
Sampling Apparatus for Inclusion Analysis (PoDFA) 1EA Pyrotek
Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Equipment (UT) A-Scan 2 EA / 1 EA GE / Sonatest
Brinell Hardness Tester 10 / 3,000 kgf 1EA Wilson
Microvickers Hardness Tester 0.01~1kgf 1EA Mitutoyo
Barcol Hardness Tester Soft Al, Hard Al 10EA EUROTHERM
Surface Profile Tester -260µm ~ 100µm 1EA Mitutoyo
Electric Conductivity Meter %IACS 1EA Fischer